– Co-founder of Cluster Lizard, together with Zavoloka.

2014 – today
– Abstract art videos, music videos.
– Experimental documentary films.
– Silk screen printing experiments.
– Abstract painting.
– In depth experiments in digital photography.

1999 – …
– Beginning of a main music project Kotra
– Music for movies, interactive web projects and installations.
– Collaborations with such International artists as Zavoloka, Edward Sol, Abs6, Black Rain, Jeff Surak, Moljebka Pvlse, Akuvido, Tenpoint, Marek Choloniewski, Jonas Grushka, Kim Cascone, Andrey Kiritchenko, Dunaewsky69, Andreas Berthling.
– Live performances on many International festivals and special events in Europe, USA and Asia. Among other events Kotra performed on such festivals as Clubtransmediale (DE), Unsound (PL), Sonic Circuits (USA), Garage festival (DE), Noise&Fury festival (RU), Being The Future (DE), Resistance (SK), Soundbridges (AT), Detali Zvuku (UA), Cimatics (BE), Audio Art (PL), Radius (AT), Kvitnu Fest (UA), …

End of 90’s
– Extreme noise experiments as a part of a noise duo Z.E.T.
– Participation in art scene around Contemporary Art Center in Kyiv Mohyla Academy.
– Music for miscellaneous video-art and early interactive digital media art projects with visual artists.
– Contributing editor to radical Grafoman art-magazine.
– First experiments with analog photography, video and collages.

Early 90’s
– Bass player in a band Potercha


2018 – …
Co-founder of label Prostir.

2006 – 2020
Founder and producer of International experimental music  label Kvitnu. Kvitnu hosted releases of such International artists as Kotra, Zavoloka, Sturqen, Plaster, Matter, Pan Sonic, Ilpo Väisänen, Muslimgauze, v4w.enko, Mingle, Stray Dogs, Vitor Joaquim, Binmatu and many others.

In 2011 Kvitnu became a winner in three nominations of the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 7 in Paris – as The Best label, The Best Artist (Sturqen) and Discovery Category(“Peste” by Sturqen). Also v4w.enko was nominated in Discovery category with his work “Harmonic Ratio”.

2005 – 2007
Producer of a special label-project Live Reports, releasing recordings of live events, primarily organized by himself. As a result – released recordings from such artists like Kapital Band 1,  Institut Für Feinmotorik, Gert-Jan Prins, Andreas Tilliander, Mikael Stavöstrand, Zavoloka, Zenial, Alexei Borisov and many others.

2002 – 2007
Co-producer of experimental music label Nexsound. Developing all production process on a label, organizing concerts, festivals and special events under this name. Among other works on Nexsound – production of first releases of Zavoloka,  re-releases of Muslimgauze CD’s “In Search Of Ahmad Shah Masood” and “Vote Hezbollah“, etc.

Co-producer of the first compilations of Ukrainian experimental music “Plastmasa”, as well as first solo works as Kotra.


2007 – 2011
Curator of a International festival Kvitnu Fest.
Running series of concert events Kvitvechir and Kvitnu_live.
Curator of special live and International artist exchange projects in partnership with such cultural institutions as Goethe Institute, Pro Helvetia, Polish Institute and Swedish Institute.
Among many other curatorial projects were:
– Special unique Polish-Ukrainian open air live project at the beginning of Euro 2012. Two Ukrainian artists Zavoloka and Tenpoint and two Polish artists An On Bast with Maciej Fortuna performed on roof of Golden Gate in Kyiv.
– “Ukrainian connections” exchange art project made by Kvitnu together with HeadFun and Pro Helvetia in Switzerland in 2011. Three weeks of studio work + tour for eight artists from Ukraine and Switzerland.
– In 2011 Dmytro curated special tribute CD “Myths & Masks Of Karol Szymanowski Music By Ukrainian Sound Artists” in cooperation with Polish Institute.
– First ever International tour for experimental music in Ukraine in 2007 with participation of four artists from Sweden and four artists from Ukraine. Six Ukrainian cities were involved.

2005 – 2008
Curator of the first International festival for experimental music in Ukraine “Detali Zvuku”.
Co-curator of special edition of Unsound festival in Kyiv in 2007.

2003 – 2007
Curating and organizing all live events for a label Nexsound.

Running first underground experimental electronic music events in Kyiv.


2014 – 2018 – Vienna Fine Arts Academy. New media class.

2008, 2012 – Krakow Music Academy. Electroacoustic studio. Gaude Polonia programm.

1994 – 2001 – Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. Departments of Theory of Probability and Differential Equations.