Ukrainian sound artist, promoter and producer


First events

At the beginning there were first wild early gigs for his band Z.E.T. in late 90’s, and some of them became quite successful events with other artists involved. Later Dmytro promoted few underground psychedelic dance parties with local DJ’s.

But serious curatorial works started in 2003, after Dmytro organized his first big event for Nexsound artists in club Barvy in Kyiv. After this mini festival Dmytro continued with annual events to promote and popularize experimental music in Ukraine on high quality level. All Nexsound concert events until 2007 were created and curated by Dmytro fedorenko.

Detali Zvuku festival

In 2005 Dmytro created first International festival for experimental music in Ukraine “Detali Zvuku” together with Oleksandr Prohorenko and Volodymyr Pashkovskyj. “Detali Zvuku” festival immediately received cult status in Ukraine and became a turning point for many artists and advanced audience. “Detali Zvuku” festival is still known as one of the most important experimental music events in Ukraine. In 2007 Dmytro Fedorenko joined forces with Mat Schultz and “Detali Zvuku” was held together with Unsound festival in Kyiv. Four editions of “Detali Zvuku” were held until 2008.

Kvitnu Fest / Kvitvechir / Kvitnu_live series

In 2007 Dmytro decided to make one more festival and created “Kvitnu Fest” which first edition was dedicated  to Ukrainian experimental music and gathered all active Ukrainian experimental electronic musicians in one place. “Kvitnu Fest” became another great success and helped to gain big attention to experimental art in Ukraine. Later Kvitnu Fest turned into International festival and replaced “Detali Zvuku”.

In between festivals Dmytro started a constant flow of regular miscellaneous live concerts and special projects by inviting International artists to Ukraine – Kvitnu_live.

Since 2003, during working with Nexsound and then later with his Kvitnu_live series, Dmytro presented to Ukrainian audience such artists as Pan Sonic, Scorn, Submerged, Pomassl, Mika Vainio, Andreas Tilliander, Extrawelt, Alexei Borisov, Staalplaat Soundsystem, Pole, Institut für Feinmotorik and many many others.

Special International projects

Since 2006 Dmytro Fedorenko curated some special live and International artist exchange projects in partnership with such cultural institutions as Goethe Institute, Pro Helvetia, Polish Institute and Swedish Institute.

Among many others were:
– Special unique Polish-Ukrainian open air live project at the beginning of Euro 2012. Two Ukrainian artists Zavoloka and Tenpoint and two Polish artists An On Bast with Maciej Fortuna performed on roof of Golden Gate in Kyiv.
– “Ukrainian connections” exchange art project made by Kvitnu together with HeadFun and Pro Helvetia in Switzerland in 2011. Three weeks of studio work + tour for eight artists from Ukraine and Switzerland.
– In 2011 Dmytro curated special tribute CD “Myths & Masks Of Karol Szymanowski Music By Ukrainian Sound Artists” in cooperation with Polish Institute.
– First ever International tour for experimental music in Ukraine in 2007 with participation of four artists from Sweden and four artists from Ukraine. Six Ukrainian cities were involved.